Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Remedies For Killing Ants

Having a garden close to your home is really beautiful, but the insects that come with the garden are not really that welcome. The most annoying insects you can find in your garden are ants. I know they are mother nature's cleaners, but they can be a real pain in the a**.

One colony can contain thousands of ants, and those ants have got to eat. So, often you see them eating the fruit on your trees, which isn't a good thing. Plus, they are really annoying when they come into your house searching for food.

Here are some home remedies who will (hopefully) help you get rid of these ants:

- Put vinegar on the counters and around the cupboards on the floor and under the sink.

- This maybe strange, but babypowder does do the trick sometime.

- Cinamon

- Salt

- cucumber peels, because of their acid character

These are one of the most common used techniques to keep ants away or kill them. I hope they will be of good use.

Home and Garden Party

Eating under the stars, in your own garden must be one of the best feelings you can have in life. Surrounded by nature, paired with food and a glass of wine is very relaxing, and what's better then to share with your friends and family.

Discover this great book called Garden Parties written by Suzy Bales. This book is really exceptional, because it's really inspirational. It could give you wonderful ideas on how to make your wedding garden party a success. Suzy Bales' Garden Party will make you want to, well, have a party.

It's broken into several themed parties accompanied by Michael Luppino's astonishing photographs. This book uses a simple writing style and thus very easy to follow. This 160 page book is a real must have for every home and garden party!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home and Garden Magazine

Everyone likes to have a home and garden that looks smart and stylish. Doesn't it feel great when you receive compliments from friends and family about your garden and home decorations. Who doesn't want to have a cozy home and garden. Today, you can discover a great variety of home and garden magazines, with the latest news and tips on how to improve your garden, or home.

Take for example this must have 'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine, which is a down-to-earth guide for those who are passionate about their home and/or garden. This magazine answers a lot of questions, and could learn you how to improve your garden or home with a tight budget, or make some Fast Fix meals in just over 20 minutes. Order your copy today, because today is the day to change your lifestyle with this wonderful home and garden magazine!

More magazines you can find here:

Domino Magazine And Live With Style